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Technologies - Overview

HAFI's performances rely upon high-quality products and services of the following application technologies and product groups:

Process Gas Technology

  • Gas compressors for gas transport
  • Gas booster compressors
  • Liquid gas transfer plants, from railway to pressure vessels or isothermal tanks
  • Boil-off gas (BOG) reliquefaction
  • Propane and butane separation from HC mix gas and liquefaction
  • Gas drying and gas purification even for underground gas storages
  • Flare gas recovery including HC separation
  • Industrial heat pumps

Refrigeration Technology

  • For all industrial applications in non-EX and EX solutions
  • Refrigeration compressors, refrigeration systems, turnkey plants
  • With all refrigerants: frigene, compound, NH3, propane, propylene
  • With all drive types: electro motors, diesel and gas engines, steam turbines

Environmental Technology

  • BIOCOS® combined activated sludge technology (efficient and low energy consuming municipal wastewater treatment from 1,000 to over 100,000 PE)
  • Aeration systems (fine bubble strip, tube and disc diffusers)
  • Positive displacement blowers (up to 150 m³/min)

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